"Thanks for taking such great care of my animals! I know I never have to worry about them when I leave town.  I appreciate coming home to happy and well-cared for animals.
-Karl H.

"Crista is the best!  Thanks for being so thorough and loving with my sweet dogs."
-Erica B.

"Pet People are awesome.  We were gone for 2 weeks and our Sophie was so well-cared for.  We came home to a house that looked as neat as we left it.
-Denise H.

"Thanks for your quick response.  Pet People were there when I had to leave town urgently.  I never had to worry about Carlos while I was away.  Thanks for checking in with updates."
-Jamie B.

"Pepper loves her daily walks with you.  Thanks for keeping a consistent schedule and for giving Pepper so much of your time and attention."
-Kelli P.